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DreDown | All Video Download
Dredown is one of the biggest social media video download on the web at the moment, with the ability to download videos from Facebook, instagram and many other social media websites.
The Website is rated the first on google, when you search for "download instagram videos", dredown will be the first to show on google results with over 100,000 visitors daily! Developed and Designed by the us.
The owners of this website requested that the site should be simple and easy to use with only menu of the services to easily access these pages.
Gold Star Carriers | Trucking
Gold Star Carriers is one of the biggest trucking companies in illinois, with over 50 trucks and drivers working for this company.
The company asked us to design a simple website with services pages and application for the drivers to apply.
Site still under designing & development.
LayriteGraphics | Decals
LayriteGraphics allows you to make and order custom die-cut stickers in any size, shape and quantity.
You can upload your image or logo, or create and customize from thousands of images and ask them to print it for you.
LayriteGraphics asked us to developer a website that shows the categories of their decal services.
BrutalGrafx | AirBrush
BrutalGrafx custom airbrush, painting and design.
BrutalGrafx custom airbrush and design located near Chicago IL.
If you're looking to get your car, motorcycle, guitar, business store fronts etc this is definitely the guy for the job!
Photorano | Client Demo
Photorano is a service that offers website, gallery and billing solutions for photographers and the service expected to launch in mid of 2018.
Photorano asked us to develop full service including signup, billing solution, and gallery support and up to 1000gb min daily upload/download.
Service starting at the end of 2018.
iRideChi | Network
iRideChi is a motorcycle network that group motorcycles together and offer them services and help and it's one of the biggest groups in Chicago, Illinois.
iRideChi does events, ride meetings and selling motorcycle products.
The owners requested the website to be like a blog and online store to sell products.
JDEDFM | Music App
JDEDFM is one of the biggest music websites in Dubai and middle east.
With over 1000 singers and 20,000 song releases, JDEDFM considered to be the biggest music distribution companies in the middle east.
The App/Website gets over 200,000 visitors daily, listening to music, download and sharing them.
This product was owned by TheWebDealers and sold on March 2017 to Qanawat Inc but we're still the current developers.
EB2A | Free Unlimited Hosting
Biggest Free Hosting company in the middle east and it's the sister company of TheWebDealers, since we started in Dubai in 2006 and expanding to the USA in 2017.
It's the first to show up on Google when you search for "free hosting" in Arabic language and it serve over 100,000 free websites and 600 paid clients.
This company is listed under our company TheWebDealers.
R6Board | Scoreboard Reader
R6Board is a service that serves the players/gamers of the popular game Rainbow Six Siege.
The developers asked us to develop a website that will receive the picture of the scoreboard and automatically read it and transmit it to Data to grab the players profiles in the current match.
The website is used by over 1000 players daily.
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Fasteno excels at custom design and front end development.
We love taking on challenging projects that require full-on content strategy, thoughtful design, demanding development, and ongoing marketing.
We’ve designed our entire process and products around providing everything a small businesses needs when they’re starting out – ensuring that working with us is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience.
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